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When it comes to collecting outstanding receivables, time is money. With every month that passes, it’s less likely to collect on your outstanding account. At 6 months, 60% probability is a realistic number. By 1 year, the probability of collection has dropped to 10%.

60% probability you can collect at 180 days (6 months)

10% probability you can collect at 1 year.

30-40% ANI is 30-40% more effective than traditional collections agencies. Our success is because we use debt collection attorneys in the same local area as the company with the debt.

80% of money we collect is done prior to litigation

35 of our clients are companies on the Fortune 500

Why ANI?

ANI has a proven track record of success with commercial receivables. Here’s why we are successful:

Collection Attorneys located throughout the U.S and around the globe.

We use collection attorneys to handle all pre-litigation and litigation activities for each account.  We do not use traditional collections agents.

Stay up to date with real-time updates and access to your claim anytime, anywhere.

We are the only collections company with proprietary software that allows you to access details and updates for your claims 24/7. All clients and attorneys have secure access.

1 Point of Contact for all interactions. Maximum effectiveness, minimal stress.

When you work with ANI, you assigned an account manager. This person becomes your point of contact for all details regarding your claim.

Each collection attorney assigned is in the local area of the company with the outstanding debt.

All accounts are handled by debt collection attorneys in the local area of the collection account.

If you have multiple locations, you have an attorney in each area.

Example: If the company that you are attempting to collect from is in Miami, your assigned attorney will be located in Florida.

If you have a claim for a company in Florida, and a separate claim with a company in New York, the Florida based claim will be assigned a debt lawyer in Florida, and the New York claim will be assigned a debt lawyer in New York.

80% of Money Collected is Completed Before Litigation
While many companies are wary of utilizing debt lawyers for fear of large lawsuits and court costs, ANI is the opposite. We utilize every option before pursuing litigation. Over 80% of the money we collect is done before litigation ensues.

How to Get Started
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